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Thejas Jagannath
2 min readJul 13, 2021

A little about me, list of my top work and more…

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Hello everyone! Thank you for following me and reading my articles. I’m writing this post so that my readers can learn about me and find links to my popular posts. I recently reached 1K followers on Medium and I’m very grateful that my articles have been useful to so many people!

My preferred name is Thejas Jagannath. I have a Master’s in City Planning from Otago University in New Zealand and an undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Auckland. I live in both India and New Zealand (and residents of both countries!). My passion for public art and public spaces, started during my geography degree. I have also written two theses on art in public spaces which you can find if you Google my name. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn if you are interested in my professional profile.

On Medium, I write on a variety of topics, and I have also conducted countable interviews with some well-known people and I’ll add links to those interviews below. I also write about some life/career tips and humanities based topics.

I’ve broken down my most popular posts below.

My Most Popular Posts

Interviews with Well-Known Individuals:

  1. Interview on Albatross Sculpture with Tanya Ashken
  2. Interview on Public Art with Robin Brailsford
  3. Interview on Public Art with Jeppe Hein
  4. Interview on Art in Public Spaces with Academic Nicolas Whybrow
  5. Interview on Smart Cities with Anthony Townsend
  6. Informal Conversation with Alejandro Cartegena

Public Art/Space Articles on the Pandemic:

  1. Exploring Public Space During the Pandemic
  2. What to Expect in Public Art During the Pandemic
  3. Public and Private Realms During COVID-19

General Public Space Articles:

  1. My Experience of Living in Wellington
  2. Importance of Public Spaces
  3. Cities for the People
  4. Interactive Art in Public Space
Thejas Jagannath

A young professional in New Zealand. I enjoy writing on many topics including interviews. I have completed a Masters in NZ. I like cities, coffee and books!